DEAL Foundation’s ‘Jenga Nyumba’ Initiative

Project Aim
DEAL Foundation has an exciting new programme called Jenga Nyumba Initiative. Jenga Nyumba is a Swahili word directly translates to build a house. This project aims to improve widows’ shelters (those with houses but in deplorable condition) and also help build them houses. The project targets widows in rural areas with parcels of land for the erection of houses.

  • What are we going to do?
    DEAL Foundation has trained sub –county agents that will be instrumental in identifying widows without houses or proper shelters and help in the profiling and documentation of such widows in their areas of jurisdiction.
  • Once identified, the agents will forward their details, followed by physical visitation by DEAL Foundation to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the sub – county agents.
  • The Foundation will start working on the budgeting and share the information with willing donors to help make this project successful.
  • We provide reports and share with all donors success stories of this project

Who will benefit?
Project Jenga Nyumba Initiative will benefit widows of advanced age and those without stable sources of income.