DEAL Foundation, is currently supporting over 50 slum based schools through the support from willing donors and well wishers.

Due to corruption, mismanagement and poverty, the state of schools in economically depressed areas of under-developed countries are in a deplorable state. In the slums and rural areas of most of African countries for example, many government schools are in bad conditions and not properly furnished. There are cases where students attend to their lessons under trees due to insufficient classrooms that can accommodate the ever growing students’ population. This contributes to very poor academic performance among the students, orphans being the most vulnerable in this case.

In response to these issues, DEAL Foundation plans to start opening modern schools outside the confines of the slums and rural areas under the name DEAL’s Group of Schools.

 Project Aim

The main aim for coming up with schools owned by DEAL Foundation is to allow orphans under our program enjoy full benefits from the donations they receive from time to time and also allow the organization to take full responsibility of giving reports to the respective donors and well wishers. It has been very difficult for the organization to give timely and accurate reports in the past given that we have been relying on inaccurate information submitted to us from the schools (not owned by DEAL Foundation) in our programs.

Activities that will be taking place under DEAL’s Group of Schools Project include:

  • Identifying villages where there are no schools or the schools have been shut down (ghost schools).
  • After community meetings, DEAL Foundation will hire teachers locally (residing within a couple of kilometers) and trains them with theoretical curriculum as well as on job training in classrooms.
  • Due to poverty, students cannot afford tuition, therefore DEAL Foundation, through its donors will assist in providing all of their books, notebooks, and other school supplies under Orphans Support project.
  • DEAL Foundation will provide all classroom needs, Furniture and classroom equipment is at times given as well from the Ship it for In-Kind Donation project.
  • To attract students and to avoid drop-out, every month DEAL Foundation plans to distribute ration to each family whose children are in attendance of our schools via the DEAL’s Supper Meals project.  The dry ration package includes one of the following each month i.e. rice, beans, sugar, tea, cooking oil, bathing and laundry soap, dry maize, etc.

Students whose families are receiving support from DEAL Foundation must regularly attend classes in order for the family to continue receiving support. Project managers from our partner organizations, will regularly visits the schools to check on the teachers and students to make sure everyone is doing well.

It costs about $160 to run a classroom of approximately 40 students for each month.