DEAL Foundation supports orphans as well as their widowed mothers under two projects – Widows and Orphans Support program (in which their household needs are met), and DEAL’s Group of Schools (in which educational needs for the orphaned and vulnerable children are met).

Our main objectives in Widows and Orphans Support project are to:

  1. Meet the basic survival needs of widows & their orphan children.
  2. Promote an economically stable family life and healthy environment at home and
  3. Ensure the children will no longer be forced to work to supplement the family income to the detriment of their own educational goals.

It costs just $100 per month to provide cash, feeding, clothing, and various other materials as well as medical support to meet the basic needs for each such family.

All widows and orphans are qualified through a stringent process of filling application forms for each widow and orphan, followed by investigations done at neighborhoods and schools to ensure that all information about the widows and orphans is correct. Various documents including death certificate of the father, school admission records of the orphan and national ID cards are acquired before completing the qualification process. Once qualified, the widowed mothers or guardians and orphans are provided with monthly allowances (short term initiative) or business start –up capital (long term initiative) to help give economic stability to that home so that they can meet their day to day needs – and so they don’t have to send the young children out to work to make money.


As a result of the high mortality from the HIV/AIDS epidemic in most parts of the republic of Kenya and the wider East African region, the number of orphans and vulnerable children has risen to an alarming 565,500 which is 31.4% of the total 1.8 million orphans in Kenya.   The death of one or both parents contributes to; breakdown of the family structure, increased school drop outs, and inevitably poverty especially if the deceased parent was the main bread winner.

We are committed to helping orphans, vulnerable children and their families especially those that have been affected by HIV/AIDS. Access to health care, education, nutrition and business opportunities often provides a turning point for many OVC’s to long-term recovery and a better standard of life.

In the past year with the support of various partners and well wishers both locally and internationally, we have been able to support over 100 children to access healthcare, education, nutrition and psycho-social support.

We pay special attention to Child Headed Households which are on the rise due to increased HIV/AIDS mortality. Last year we supported 2 such families to initiate a horticultural income generating projects planting local vegetables in a revolving scheme that ensures yield all-year round. This not only enhanced their nutrition but also provided much needed income from selling surplus vegetables.

Our target for the next 3 years is to continue providing OVC’s with opportunities for a brighter future through a more holistic approach which for instance prioritizes extending help to caregivers  of the OVC’s and access to justice for OVC’s whose rights have been violated.

We want to reach every OVC to give them a better life. You can help us achieve this goal by making a donation or volunteering with your time and skills.

Remember the future of an orphan or vulnerable child depends on it!