Director’s welcoming note.

Welcome to DEAL Foundation International!

I’m happy to welcome you to DEAL Foundation International, a place where widows and orphans call home. The Foundation was established in the year 2014 under able leadership of my wife Lavent Okoth and I. We have been able to draw a comprehensive road-map that will enable widows and orphans all over Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world, especially those living in the slums and rural areas in East Africa, specifically those who have been neglected and deprived of their rights, supported and incorporated in various programs and projects in our ministry. We strongly believe that by doing so, they will be able to be self reliant and possibly be able to support their dependents.

​DEAL Foundation’s vision is vast and your support will surely make a difference in lives of the widows, orphaned and the vulnerable children all over the world.

Thanks for your continued support.


Dan Ephent Okoth,

Our History

The name DEAL is an acronym for Dan Ephent and Lavent. The Foundation began it’s operations in the year 2014 where it managed to give 5 widows business start-up capital and sponsored 1 girl in high school and additional 20 boys and 20 girls in primary school.

This foundation is committed to identifying unique needs of orphaned and the vulnerable children  as it works with widows found in the slums and rural areas across the Republic of Kenya and the wider East African region.

It does this by addressing their needs through provision of micro-finances especially to the widows to start up businesses, developmental, psycho-social and educational programs that are respectful of cultural norms in each setting.

We want to help nurture orphaned and vulnerable children with the love and attention that is every child’s birthright, so they may grow, learn play and, ultimately, lead productive, dignified adult lives.

We therefore encourage strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, both in-country and internationally, to enable the organization extend its reach, use its resources effectively and ensure sustainability for the benefit of the beneficiaries.